Wednesday, December 30, 2009

illustration influences

This decade was very important in my life cuz i found out what the hell to do with my life...since i started drawing i began my endless quest of finding masters around the world...via internet of course, god bless the internet...anyways, here are my top illustration influences...this top was extremely difficult for me cuz there are thousands of very talented people out there:

1- Audrey Kawasaki
2- Tyson McAdoo
3- Shane Glines
4- Steve Lambe
5- Katie Rice
6- Óscar Bazaldúa
7- Cesar Evangelista
8- Sandra Equihua
9- Fafi
10-Jerome Mireault
11-Tim Biskup
12-Tara McPherson
13-Chris Sanders
14-Jamie Hewlett
Thank you gave some sense to my life :)
Muchas gracias a Todos le dieron sentido a mi vida :)


cartoonretro said...

Thanks, Ben. Happy New Year!

Mr. Pinkeyes® said...

Sin duda tengo que tomar inspiracion de como dibujan a las mujeres, ya que no me salen :S y cuando las dibujo parecen transexuales XD Saludos Ben! Feliz año nuevo :D!

Jorge R. Gutierrez said...