Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movies i liked from this dying decade

Ok, i know there must have been more super cool movies that came out this decade... but if its not here its because i didn't saw it or i didn't remember it, which means i don't care much about it.
The list is not on a particular order...i like them all almost the same.
1- The royal Tenenbaums:
Even thought saw this movie a couple of years from its release, it became immediately one of my favorites because of Wes Anderson sophisticated humor
2- Scratch:
this kind of documentaries should be on school programs... kids need to know about the classics like grand master flash.
3- Snatch:
I don't remember laughing at a mafia movie before this one.
4- City of God:
There are no Martin Scorsese movies in this list but there's City Of God which reminded me at a Scorsese film...this is a must see.
5- Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the sith:
I wasn't around when Luke found out who his father was...but i sure was there when Darth Vader kick the shit out of the Jedi....im really glad of being there.
6- Hostel Part II:
Ok, i know there are more gory movies out there, but for me there's nothing more scary than "decent normal folks" paying money to torture people.
this kind of shit scare's me more than a dude with a hockey mask or puppet on a tricycle... i think Eli Roth did a great job doing this sequel focusing on the clients of a sick and fucked up business.
7- Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless mind:
This movie made me want to keep all my memories of my life even thought some of those memories are not that cool :).
8- Hero:
I really don't have words for this piece of art...so, ill just move on.
9- The dark night:
I think there's no doubt about this film being the best super hero movie out there.
maybe because it doesn't feel like a super hero movie.
10- Spirited Away:
It might sound weird but Hayao Miyazaki really touched me spiritually with this amazing film.
11-Inglorious Basterds:
Quentin Tarantino almost didn't make it to this list...im glad he did :).
12-Laberinto del fauno (pan's labyrinth):
Guillermo del Toro is the King of Mexican Nerds...long live the king

And last but not least a Mexican movie... im very glad it made it to this list cuz its hard to find good mexican movies out there and thats why it has a special place in this list.
El Violin: The Story of a mexican town occupied by the Mexican Military because of their Guerrilla activities....this is a really down to earth movie that tries to tell some of the truth about an abused country.

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