Saturday, February 21, 2009

My top ten heros

These are some of the characters i really like and i will try to do a fan art of each one of them :)
10- Rock Lee
El personaje mas chistoso diseñado que e visto ultimamente en alguna serie de anime
9- Yoko
Calaca en la cabeza y un riflesote...Yeah
A quien no le va gustar ese diseño?

7-Black Canary
Blond in a leather jacket...what else do you want?
6- Chun li
Nuff Said
5- The Ultimate Hulk
Damm... si que se divierte este dude

4- Batman
The wolrds greatest detective for fucks sake
3- Silver surfer
Just look at the faces of the other dudes on the pic
2- Daredevil
The red you gotta love that classic design

ok...there are like at least 4 number 1...and i just couldn't decide, so here are 4 number 1

1- Punisher
Big ass skull on the chest
1- Dr. Manhattan
por que no le da verguenza andar encuerado
1- Preacher
Y en esta imagen todavia no le ponen su eye patch
1- Gats (berserk)
Nobody kicks more ass than this dude


anikoky said...

ssiii yoko ( kara de golosa ) muy sexy hehehe

David Jackson said...

looking forward to Rock Lee